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Alkemi provides the infrastructure for crowd-sourced liquidity to fuel the decentralized economy.

Data pipeline syncing your business’s crypto transactions to traditional accounting systems.

The new security standard of fingerprinting physical objects. We combat counterfeiting, fraud, and manipulation.

The infrastructure layer between IoT and blockchain. We allow companies to craft a secure IoT infrastructure, powered by any kind of blockchain.

Provide simple visual interfaces to build, test and deploy smart contracts on multiple blockchains and monitor and track their performance when they're live.

The world's 1st decentralized p2p Function as a Service platform.

The patient blockchain that lets you assemble, own and share your health data.

Paperchain prices the daily analytics data of the world's leading digital media platforms allowing media companies to get forthcoming revenue paid immediately.

Discover, track, and invest in the next generation of startups.

Blockade Games is consistently pushing the boundaries of how decentralized technologies can reinvent the traditional gaming experience.